Turnarounds & Workouts

Businesses of all kinds can run into financial difficulties from time to time, sometimes due to circumstances completely beyond their control. Whatever the origins of the distress, in these cases a balance sheet restructuring or operating turnaround may be needed to get the company back on track. Monmouth Venture Partners provides interim executive and balance sheet restructuring and workout advisory services to under-performing and over-leveraged companies. We can also provide the funding directly, or access our vast lender and investor network to raise capital from other sources, that may be needed to complete a balance sheet restructuring and give a company a fresh start.

Restructuring & Workout Services
We try to understand the circumstances and root causes that created the distressed situation so we can develop a strategy and an operating plan to mitigate their impact. Our services could include:

- Strategic, financial and operational reviews;

- Financial projections to determine a sustainable capital structure;

- Debt forbearance and trade creditor negotiations;

- Asset sales and business unit divestitures;

- Out-of-court debt-for-equity exchange offers;

- Bankruptcy reorganization plans;

- Introductions to sources of Chapter 11 DIP loans and exit financing.

Interim Executive & Turnaround Advisory Services
Because of our unique blend of financial and operating experience, in those cases where financial engineering alone is insufficient, Monmouth Venture Partners can assume an executive position on an interim basis to help drive the turnaround effort. Previous roles have included interim CEO, COO and CFO, working with other line managers to implement the specific operating improvements needed to restore profitability and growth to the organization. Activities to leverage unique capabilities and improve competitive positioning to restore profitability and renew growth could include:

- Line of business or product portfolio refocus;

- Customer refocus;

- Organization redesign to achieve alignment with go forward strategy;

- Changes to pricing, go-to-market approaches and sales execution;

- Order-to-cash cycle process improvements to increase working capital;

- Monetization of intellectual property or other underutilized assets;

- Maintain management focus and drive execution of the turnaround plan.


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