Building The Top Line

Not all of our consulting and interim executive engagements involve portfolio investments or distressed companies. We like to work with early stage and emerging growth businesses that are looking to get to the next level in their development, and need the input and advice of seasoned executives who have taken companies from under $1 million to over $100 million in revenues. We can also help more mature companies tap into new growth opportunities whether it's the launch of innovative new products, re-engineering of their go-to-market approaches, or entry into new markets with higher growth rates than their current business.

Product Management
The lifeblood of successful businesses is innovation, realized by the effective development and launch of new products and services. Our partners have experience with new product introductions and the building of revenue streams that can become significant lines of business. In addition, we can assess your existing product and service portfolio across multiple dimensions and recommend specific adjustments that can drive improved sales and profitability.

We have expertise in the full spectrum of corporate and product marketing and communications, including traditional outbound "push" approaches and next generation inbound "pull" brand building and lead generation activities. We invariably find that our help is needed in two recurring situations. The first involves early- and development-stage companies that lack the expertise, resources, and infrastructure to design and implement effective marketing strategies. The second occurs in established enterprises that have a completely dysfunctional marketing organization, and need new leadership and fresh ideas. If either of these describes your circumstances, you should talk to us about how we can help with focused, cost-effective approaches that can produce tangible results quickly.

Monmouth Venture Partners has advised emerging growth companies as well as mature, established enterprises on how to set the table for the success of their sales organization. We take a holistic approach to sales execution that considers all of the resources and infrastructure needed to achieve this outcome, ranging from how to recruit, train and compensate sales executives, to the sales force automation and customer relationship management systems required to operate and manage the sales function, to the coordination and integration with marketing, product management, customer support and other customer facing activities that define the experience of doing business with your company.

We bring our expertise in these areas, as well as our capital and financial savvy, to our portfolio companies and this is among the factors that differentiate our principal investing activities from purely financially oriented private equity firms.


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