Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

While our focus is on making investments in businesses for our own portfolio, Monmouth Venture Partners also advises companies on strategic transactions. We have over two decades of experience as a principal and as an agent, having completed dozens of merger, acquisition and divestiture transactions with both public and private corporations in the United States, European Union and Asia. We have the industry expertise, research capabilities, and extensive network of national and international contacts to ensure thorough coverage of qualified potential buyers and sellers. Our M&A advisory services can include:

- Market and competitive analysis and strategic planning;

- Transaction marketing planning and materials preparation;

- Transaction execution and ongoing project management;

- Valuation and structuring advice;

- Assistance with term sheet / letter of intent drafting and negotiation;

- Acquisition financing;

- Due diligence planning and execution;

- Assistance with definitive agreement drafting and negotiation; and,

- Integration planning and execution.

Sell Side Representation
We know how to position a company to extract the maximum value from just the right strategic or financial buyer. Monmouth Venture Partners can help you define your exit strategy options, determine a market value range for the business, and assess the likelihood of realizing your objectives. Because of our extensive operating experience, we can also work with management to plan and implement internal actions to prepare your business for sale. By developing realistic plans, and focusing only on those activities that have the potential to create the most value, we help ensure that you go to market from a position of strength and maximum attractiveness to prospective buyers.

Buy Side Representation
We can assist companies looking to grow strategically by helping in the early stages of strategic planning and the identification of the most attractive targets that will have the greatest value creation impact if acquired. As we do with sellers, Monmouth Venture Partners will develop the positioning and materials to present your company as an attractive acquirer. While financial terms are almost always the most important factor, do not underestimate the impact that a subjective evaluation of overall "best fit" can have in a seller deciding between two or more buyers when the consideration and structure are fairly close. We create a foundation for this positioning at the very beginning of the acquisition planning, and build on it from the time a target is first contacted and continuing throughout the ensuing phases of the transaction.


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